Are Concrete and Cement the Same Thing?

Concrete and Cement are the same thing?

The debate about concrete and cement is often heard. Are concrete and cement the same thing? That depends on what you are using them for. They are both used for cementing in masonry projects.

  1. The first thing to know is that while the terms are used interchangeably, they are actually two different concrete construction products. Cement is simply ground sand that is mixed with water. Sand and water are necessary to help harden the mixture into a durable compound that can withstand weathering. The term cement simply refers to the sand or aggregates that are used to bind the mixture together.
  2. Concrete, on the other hand, is made up of cement, sand and water. This is the lowest priced type of concrete available. However, if it were to be melted and then poured into larger blocks, it would no longer be concrete, but instead become plastic. This means that they are not interchangeably the same thing. However, because of its low cost, it is the most common choice for mixing.
  3. Concrete and cement are usually mixed using a mortar mix. This combination of cement, sand and water serves several purposes.
    1. First of all, it helps to create a sturdy surface.
    2. Second, it adds fine sands that will help with sealing the surface, creating a smooth surface that does not flex or break under pressure.

When concrete is mixed, one thing that it can do is change from a liquid into a semi-solid state. As a result, this gives it greater workability. As the material becomes harder, it has increased workability, especially if it is mixed with a thicker material. When it becomes harder, the properties of the material also increase significantly. The end result is a stronger foundation for whatever use the foundation serves.

Concrete is not just a substance for construction. It is also used as a supplement to cement in order to increase its hardness or increase its compressive strength. With this in mind, these terms cement and mortar do not always mean the same thing. Sometimes, it may be more appropriate to substitute cement with regular mortar for easier workability.

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