How to tell if the Concrete is too dry?

Is your concrete too dry?


Dry concrete repair may just be the solution you need when your concrete floor is showing signs of aging. Too dry concrete can crack, peel, flake and even turn to a dark, shades of brown when it dries out, making it look horrible before it’s even installed. Fortunately, there are some concrete contractors who understand how to tell if the concrete is too dry. When they see the telltale signs, they can tell you if it’s time to get concrete pouring and remove the old material and replace it with new.

One of the tell tale signs of old, dry concrete is when the surface moves. For example, if you walk on it creaks, chances are it’s too dry. If the texture is scratchy or has a ragged appearance, it’s also too dry. When you are repairing an old surface, particularly one you’ve painted or stained, it’s always best to check it out before you start doing any work, especially if it’s going to be something that sits outside for long periods of time. If the area around the repaired area is dark or has a very smoky smell, it could be the result of old oil being absorbed by the concrete and then turned into dirt when it dried out. You can prevent this from happening by using a solvent based penetrating solvent or an acrylic topcoat paint, which prevents the penetration of oil.

How to tell if the concrete is too dry is a tricky question for most DIYers and contractors, especially since most concrete projects will be relatively short, so there isn’t a long period of time to find out if the surface is ready to be repaired. Most concrete contractors use high quality sealants on newly repaired concrete projects to help keep it looking nice for as long as possible. However, knowing how to tell if the concrete is dry can save you money on repairs down the road.

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